Hey guys! Im Cayla from Kentucky and here’s my story growing up with moebius. I was born in 97′, it took a year or so for them to diagnose the Moebius. I had seen many specialist for speech and audiologist for my hearing. In 2006, I had a muscle transplant from my thigh to the right side of my face to help with my facial movement. The surgery has helped me tremendously and im so glad my parents decided to do it. Going through school was definitely a challenge as many of you can relate to the stares and comments. I was bullied in middle and high school. I learned to deal with it through counseling. But once I found out my own strengths I have used them to the best of my ability to stay as happy as possible. If it wasn’t for my amazing support group of family and friends, I have no clue where I would have been today. I have alot more to learn about myself as well as moebius. I absolutely love reading your guys’ stories and hearing about your successes .