Hello my name is Christine Soldano. I am 59 years old. Wife, Mother,second generation Momma I am raising my three year old grandson. And I have Moebius Syndrome.

I was born n Chicago Illinois at Laura Ingalls Hospital on April 3rd 1960. The doctors knew immediately there was something “different” I don’t use the word wrong because to me I am I have the same heart,mind and soul as anyone else. I was born with two club feet. One was surgically repaired and the other I wore a brace for years and it is straight. I didn’t walk untill I was around two.I also had crossed eyes. My Mom fed me with an eye dropper because I was unable to nurse.The doctor’s was lost they never gave my Mom a diagnosis and didn’t expect me to live.My parents didn’t know what to name me. My Mom actually named me after a loving nurse who cared for me. It wasn’t until the internet that I discovered the word Moebius.

I went to public schools because my Mom told my Aunt there is nothing wrong with my brain. My Mom was my biggest fan. She has always and still does tell me I can do anything just like everyone else.

I have been married twice and have two sons. My husband I have known since 1978 and we got married after my first marriage ended. We have been married eleven years. He is my biggest cheerleader. He is my best friend. And he can get on my last nerve lol married life.

I worked in banking most of my adult life. Two years ago I left banking to care for the most important people in my life my husband and grandson. Last August my Mom moved in our two family with us. I love having her here.

I am also a small business owner in Direct Sales. I love having the flexibility of being home and still have income.

I am not “tooting my own horn” but if someone describes me they would probably use the words passionate,loving and kind and sometimes funny. And I think I can sing( but I can’t) however I still do lol.

I am a firm believer in a higher power and I am grateful that I have everything I do. It could be so much worse. My final words Always be kind.