I am 28 years old and I live in Stockton on Tees in the north east of England with my mum, dad, brother and sister who are younger than me. I love supporting my local football team, reading and watching TV. I have undergone operations on my feet, eyes and ears. My motor skills are affected but it does not stop me from volunteering as an admin assistant at Shaw Trust Stockton.

Shaw trust is a national charity organization in England that aims to find training and employment for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Our Stockton Project has a three acre garden site where our clients and volunteers grow plants, fruit and vegetables to sell to the local community in Stockton.

My duties in the office are marketing the project, typing up health and safety documents, imputing staff holidays. I also take part in the art group at Shaw Trust. We have just created totem poles from wood. The totem poles is placed at the car park at Shaw Trust

Since taking part in the art group at Shaw Trust. I have been able to open crisp packets, something that I couldn’t do before, also do more manual tasks in the office (Hole punching and filing documents away). Shaw Trust also teaches people how to cook basic meals. I have learned how to make sandwiches and I am hoping to continue learning how to cook the food that I love to eat

I would like to thank my family and people at Shaw Trust who have helped me to achieve my potential. Thanks for sticking by me and for pushing me to strive for more.

David Johnston