Hannah Lockwood


December 22 is a very special day for Hannah Zhou Lockwood as it marks the day when she became a U.S. citizen. On December 22nd 2011, Hannah left China and flew to her new home in California with her parents, Kevin and Sarah Lockwood. Since coming home, she has been busy learning how to walk, practicing her sign language, experiencing new foods and keeping up with her three older siblings, who were also adopted.

Hannah has had a busy year with medical appointments. In China, she hadn’t received any treatment for any of her conditions. In fact, her orphanage workers hadn’t recognized her facial paralysis at all; they had simply labeled her as being unsocial. Since coming home, Hannah has received lots of specialized care and has been the delight of every doctor, specialist and therapist she comes in contact with. Although she’s had to catch-up on a lot of treatments and surgeries, she has come through with flying colors. Everyone who knows Hannah marvels at her intelligence and her “can-do” spirit.