Justin, is a happy lovable little boy who was diagnosed with mobeius syndrome when he was two weeks old. My pregnancy was traumatic as they started to notice things like his chin was measuring small, his talepis in his feet but I was told at thirty seven weeks everything had corrected itself [other than his feet] and my baby was fine.

He was born at thirty eight weeks plus one day. Gestation those first few mother and baby moments were taken from me as he stopped breathing. Even though he was at full term his lungs didn’t adapt straight away. As he lay in intensive neo-natal care people started noticing things. Saying that he looked like a china doll with no emotional expression.

The doctor called me into his office when Justin was two weeks old. He told me that because of him not being able to feed through a bottle and having to have a gastro tube in his stomach,  his lack of expression, plus his bilateral squint, and absent facial movement, he was being clincally diagnosed as having mobeius syndrome.

I was handed a bunch of papers printed from a computer. They told me that he probably would never be able to eat properly. I’d never be able to tell if he was happy. And he would probably struggle with a lot of things. I was ready for the fight and prepared to stand by him through it all.

Fast forward nearly five years. After numerous appointments and tests. Being prodded and poked by so many different professionals, eyes, ears, and nose doctors. Mri scans and much more; Justin my hero has grown into an amazing little man. He eats perfectly fine without help. He has a healthy appetite. He has started to walk without having to be in splints or anything like that. His sheer determination to be independant has helped alot.  He’s been through so much and it continues, but I can see he’s happy! He may not be able to smile but he can laugh, sing, play, and live just like any other child! You can see that he is smiling from his heart. He is loved, cherished, and a joy to everyone who knows him. I am one very proud momma and I always will be. I smile for the both of us